Getting started

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Create an account

The first step is to create an account. Go to

Choose a name and URL for your workspace:

Untask Help is FREE for small teams up to 3 users and for nonprofits. We give a free 10-hour custom Agility training to all Enterprise Plan subscribers.

All Enterprise Plan subscribers get a FREE 10-hour custom Agility training. This training to custom to your organization to help your team become more productive.

We begin by analyzing how your team currently work: your team's culture, their expertises, and the goal of the organization. We'll then conduct a brief survey to see what needs to be changed and how your team would feel about some changes.

The training begins with the difference between Agility and Agile. We'll use Untask to easy to any changes needed so that they won't affect the team's current work.

Your teams and projects can be set up within one-click!

Simply choose what best describe your team/project and you can adjust the details later.

And you're all set!

Now, you can add or import issues to your Untask project.

Add / Import issues

You can easily add a task with adding a basic summary or title to your task and an explanation / steps if needed. The layout and information asked varies based on how you have set up your workspace. For example, if you're working on multiple projects, you'll be asked to select a project.

The basic priority and scoring is determined by the task time estimate and priority.

If you use Jira, you can use this guide to help you export your data as a CSV file.

Invite teammates

Go to Projects > Manage projects

Click on the ... menu options and select Share

You have a direct project URL to share with your teammates so that they can join your project.

Or you can add your teammates directly. They will receive an emaul from Untask.

In order to do that, go to Teams > Manage users

Click on the Invite users button. Enter their email address and select the teams that they should be added to.

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